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One of Shi Xing Mi's principal missions is to share a philosophy inspired by Shaolin culture, augmented by his eclectic experiences and competencies, as an invaluable and practical system for humanistic development and growth, an ancient wisdom which can be of much relevance today


It is his belief that the Shaolin disciplines, when presented in a practical and focused way, can be of great benefit to most people and contexts. As well as teaching Chan (Shaolin philosophy) and Gongfu / Wugong / Qigong (martial arts and physical training / traditional wellness), Shi Xing Mi using his unique cultural and professional background (see Biography has also successfully applied his Shaolin-inspired philosophy and training methods to objectives as diverse as:


› change management and 'change mindfulness'

› energy and wellness

› balance and stress reduction

› mindfulness and serenity

› focus and discipline
› performance and resilience

› self-awareness and emotional intelligence
› personal and team development

› core values implementation
› leadership and management

› effectiveness and optimisation 

› professional sports performance
› personal health and fitness

The Shaolin disciplines can thus become a Way to many destinations, enabling profound changes in personal and professional contexts.


Shi Xing Mi has conducted keynote speeches, seminars, workshops and demonstrations at major events / conferences (TEDx, Skolkovo Innovation, FIBO, Trainertage, RWellness, Asklepios, REforum, Atlas, Metaforum, Shaolin International Festival, etc), for government institutions, universities and companies such as BMW, Red Bull, UBS, Technogym, J&J, Disney, Bayer, Postbank, Cheil, OBB, Merck, Sberbank, Jaguar, Publicis, Siltronic, Linklaters, Mini, Four Seasons, DWP Bank, Beeline, Alfabank, Migros and many others (see Clients | Testimonials).

Furthermore, he has acted as adviser in various fields and assists individually (coaching / personal training) numerous international corporate executives and personalities, as well as several high level professional athletes (football, winter sports, motor sports, combat sports).


Shi Xing Mi has also created four specific intensive training programs.

'The Warrior Monk Way' › for determined individuals, who wish to unlock a unique mix of power (warrior) and serenity (monk), discover and maximise their true potential, overcome challenges and make an inspired new leap in life.

'Shaoness' › for companies, an immediate and practical method to implement mindfulness and increase effectiveness in the management of dynamic business environments, embracing change through core values and habits.

'Shaolin: power of movement' › for professional athletes, tailoring key elements of the varied Shaolin training methodologies to sport-specific needs and their very precise physical and mental performance requirements.


'Moving Minds' › for everyone, a series of user-friendly and highly effective training courses focusing on fundamental mindfulness and wellness topics.


Additionally, Shi Xing Mi has accompanied individuals and groups to the Shaolin Temple in China, enabling them to experience real Shaolin life and conducting specific intensive training programs in the monastery.


Shi Xing Mi teaches internationally (see News | Press).


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