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Webinars during the coronavirus closures.
Media project.
Meditation lessons.
Press article (Bilanz).
Seminar at a Shaolin Gong Fu School.
Moving meditation and mindfulness masterclass.
Corporate seminar on change and effectiveness.
Shaolin wellness lesson.
Chinese new year of the mouse celebration.
Press article (Consultative Magazine).
Meditation and mindfulness lesson.
Masterclass on Shaolin wellness methods.
Shaolin Gong Fu demonstration.
Speech on change and habits.
Wellness seminar in Bali.
Shaolin presentation.
Self-awareness and emotional intelligence seminar.
Shaolin Gong Fu practice in nature.
Corporate seminar on change and effectiveness.
Press article (20 Minuten).
Mindfulness and wellness seminar.
Performance and mindfulness lessons.
European Shaolin Festival.
Conducting the European Shaolin Festival ceremony.
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